Clutter free productivity for any task

Unique Features

Elixpad is not just a text editor, but it's not an IDE either. It's a tool that becomes whathever you need it to be. Use the same tool for every task by building a unique environment yourself.


Everything is a plugin, yet there's no clutter. Plugins are easy to add and remove and don't change the layout.


The core application provides a simple tiling window manager where each plugin can publish its own content.


Elixpad doesn't enforce anything on you. Build a tool the way you want it and simply store everything in a single JSON file.

Yet another?

You're thinking: "Yet another text editor / IDE"? I wrote this tool for myself. Simply don't use it if you don't want to.

Elixpad after start-up

How it works

Elixpad is nothing but a simple text-editor when firing it up. You simply add new tools and windows such as navigations, additional text editors, image editors, ToDo lists and similar until you have an environment that works for you. Optionally, you can save everything to a single JSON workspace file to restore everything later.

Elixpad after start-up

Use something you like

Elixpad offers flexibility on a whole new level, so why should it run on just one operating system?

Got a minute? Check out screenshots!

Elixpad offers way too much flexibility and modularity to explain everything in words.


Elixpad offers flexibility on a whole new level, so why should I run on just one operating system?

Where do I get an overview?

Check out the Overview page linked in the navigation. It's a good way to start.

Is Elixpad free?

Yes, Elixpad can be used free of any charge. And Elixpad will always be free.

How do I request a feature?

We appreciate any kind of feedback, bug reports and feature requests. Contact us!